Our Products

Solar Collectors

Helien by offering different types of Solar absorbers, guarantees high levels of efficiency at every solar heating process. The potential of using advanced technology, reliable designs and modulating assembling is behind our competent flexibility.
Helien flat plate solar collector or evacuated tube panel easily comply with any project's requirements combined with high level technical knowhow.
Helien solar collectors are certified and produced according to International standards.

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Helien storage tanks comply to DIN 4753 and EN 12897 specifications, are tested according to the international hygiene regulations, have a capacity ranging from 150 to 1000 liters and available with single, double heat exchanger, tank-in-tank and electrical heating element.

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Photovoltaic Modules

Poly-crystalline photovoltaic modules are produced according to: EN IEC61215:2005 ed.2 , EN IEC61730;2007 and CE standards.Besides that multi-crystalline technology has brought to the photovoltaic final product a higher efficiency that was demonstrated by experience for many years, using the pure Polysilicon in producing the wafer and later the solar cells guarantees less depreciation on offered rated power.

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