Company Profile
Helien is a solar manufacturing company based in Athens, Greece. Our main manufacturing base consists of solar products conventional or tailor-made. Our unique value position aims at building a solid diversified solar products range of solutions based on three core competencies:
  • We create synergies to the benefit of all parties.
  • We develop specific tailor-made solutions on solar needs for PV and Thermal Systems.
  • We provide customer-centric services.
Our innovative drive for simple, practical solutions is backed up by the experience we have acquired in our specialized domains and a shared awareness of what quality products and services in depth mean. Our "Made in EU" products are designed with special attention to our customer's requirements as well as the product impact on the environment.

Our vision is to become one of the main leading solar companies in the Middle East and Africa area, providing world class knowhow solutions.

Our mission is to target key areas where we can achieve sustainable competitive positions leveraging on our expertise in establishing new solar approach products, and by creating new ventures at home and abroad through developing, operating and managing solutions of special solar nature, adopting human-centric solar-based models. We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to enhance the role of nature as well as the quality of life.

We are in Middle East and Africa area maintaining a diversified portfolio of customers serving their specific needs with high-tech and tailor-made products clustering specialized solar sectors in a complimentary and commercially synergetic manner.
We do offer :
  • Flat plate solar collectors
  • Evacuated solar tube system
  • High efficiency PV poly-crystalline modules
  • Swimming pool solar heating system
  • Architectural tailor-made solar panels
  • Complete range of solar storage tanks