Photovoltaic Modules


Poly-crystalline photovoltaic modules are produced according to: EN IEC61215:2005 ed.2 , EN IEC61730;2007 and CE standards. Besides that multi-crystalline technology has brought to the photovoltaic final product a higher efficiency that was demonstrated by experience for many years, using the pure Polysilicon in producing the wafer and later the solar cells guarantees less depreciation on offered rated power.

Mechanical Characteristics

Model HSC-PV660
Solar Cell Type 60 poly-crystalline
Solar Cell Size 156x156 mm
Frame 1649x989x45 mm
Front Glass Tempered, matt/prismatic, 4mm, Class U1, SPF certified
Junction Box 3 bypass diodes, IP65, TUV& UL approved, Protection Class II
Electrical cable IP68LC4 connectors, 1000mm, 4mm² cables, TUV& UL approved
Weight 21 kg

Electrical Parameters

Values measured at STC ( Standard Test Conditions : 1000W/ m², 25°C, 1.5 A )
Nominal Power, P maxWp200205210215220225230235240
Power Tolerance%-2 / +3
Open Circuit Voltage, VOCV37.4837.5437.6037.6637.7237.7837.8437.9037.96
Short Circuit Current, IscA7.697.777.857.938.
Max Power Voltage, VmppV28.5628.8429.1229.3929.6829.9630.2430.5230.79
Max Power Current, ImppA7.
Values measured at NOTC ( Nominal Operating Cell Temperature: 800W/ m², 20°C, 1.5 A )
Nominal Power, P maxWp143.9147.4150.9154.4158.1161.7165.4169.1172.8
Open Circuit Voltage, VOCV33.7333.7833.8433.933.9434.034.0534.1134.17
Short Circuit Current, IscA6.
Max Power Voltage, VmppV25.725.9526.226.4526.7129.9627.2127.4627.7
Max Power Current, ImppA5.65.685.765.845.926.
Temperature CoefficientPmpp -0.5 ( %/K)
Voc -0.35 ( %/k)
Isc +0.067 ( %/k)
Maximum System Voltage > 1000 VDC
Application ClassClass A
Power Guarantee 10 years ( -10% ) , 25 years ( -20% )
Power Guarantee 5 years